Information for speakers

Presentations can be held in English (conference language) or German and usually have the following durations:

  • For contributed talks a total of 15 minutes including discussion time and speaker change (12 min talk + 3 min discussion/speaker change).
  • For invited talks a total of 30 minutes including discussion time and speaker change (25 min talk + 5 min discussion/speaker change).
  • For plenary talks are 45 minutes without discussion time.

For further information on the language or length of the presentation, please contact the division or working group in which you will be giving the presentation.

All lecture halls and seminar rooms will be equipped with a projector (16:9 or 16:10) and a laptop computer. Speakers are requested to upload their presentations on the conference website one day before the corresponding session. An e-mail with the access data and the upload deadlines will be sent to the speakers before the conference. If you require to change your uploaded contribution, you may again upload the document at latest four hours before the session (not the talk) starts. In any case you should also bring a copy of your presentation on a USB drive as a backup.

The file formats accepted for all parallel sessions are pdf and PowerPoint. Own laptops cannot be used for the presentation. The presentations will be transferred to the provided laptops in the lecture hall or seminar room before the session.

All lecture halls and seminar rooms will be opened, at the latest, 30 minutes prior to the talks. Speakers are requested to be in the room at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the session, reporting to the chairperson of the session as well as the technical staff to ensure that the presentation upload was successful and to receive a brief introduction to the equipment in the lecture hall or seminar room. If you need other presentation facilities, please ask for availability at the information desk as soon as you arrive at the conference.